Apple Vision Pro

Original price was: KSh790,000.00.Current price is: KSh495,000.00.

Apple Vision Pro

  • Groundbreaking 3D Display
  • Spatial Computing Powerhouse
  • Intuitive Hand, Voice, and Eye Control
  • Transform Your Workflow
  • Unleash Your Creativity
  • Reimagine Entertainment
  • Effortless Connection
  • Modular Design
  • All-Day Wearability


The price of Apple Vision Pro in Kenya is KSH. 495,000. A groundbreaking leap into the realm of augmented reality that redefines the boundaries of computing. This innovative wearable device seamlessly merges the physical and digital worlds, unlocking unprecedented possibilities for work, entertainment, and beyond. Order an Apple Vision Pro from Spenny Technologies Call/WhatsApp 0700863941.

Apple Vision Pro Features, Specifications and Price in Kenya

Feature Specification
Display Groundbreaking 3D display with microLED technology
Processor M2 chip and R1 co-processor for spatial computing
Interaction Intuitive hand gestures, voice commands, and eye tracking
Price KSH 790,000
Creativity Virtual sculpting, immersive creative tools
Entertainment Cinematic experiences, virtual worlds, shared AR adventures
Compatibility Seamless integration with iPhone, iPad, and Mac
Customization Range of light seals and headbands for personalized comfort
Wearability Ergonomic design, balanced weight distribution, advanced thermal management for all-day wearability
Connectivity Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
Battery Life Long-lasting battery life for extended usage
Operating System Proprietary AR operating system developed by Apple
Workflows Spatial telepresence, collaborative 3D modeling, immersive data visualization

Explore a New Dimension of Reality

Experience unparalleled visual clarity and depth perception with our groundbreaking 3D display, driven by cutting-edge microLED technology. Immerse yourself in lifelike environments and discover new perspectives like never before.

Powerhouse of Spatial Computing

With the potent combination of the M2 chip and R1 co-processor, the Apple Vision Pro delivers lightning-fast responsiveness and ultra-low latency, allowing for seamless interaction between the physical and digital realms. Control your experience effortlessly with intuitive hand gestures, voice commands, and precise eye tracking.

Beyond Entertainment: Transformative Workflows and Creativity

Revolutionize your workflow with spatial telepresence, collaborative 3D modeling, and immersive data visualization. Unleash your creativity by sculpting virtual models in your workspace and exploring a new dimension of creative tools. Dive into captivating cinematic experiences, virtual worlds, and shared AR adventures with friends and family.

Seamless Integration and Ultimate Comfort

Pair seamlessly with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac to extend your digital ecosystem beyond the screen. Customize your experience with a range of light seals and headbands, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique needs and comfort preferences. Designed for all-day wearability, the Apple Vision Pro features ergonomic design, balanced weight distribution, and advanced thermal management for extended sessions without compromise.

Apple Vision Pro transcends the realm of wearable technology to become a portal to the future, where the lines between reality and technology blur. Whether you’re a creator, professional, or simply an explorer, embrace a new era of possibilities with Apple Vision Pro and redefine your expectations of what’s possible from Spenny Technologies.


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