Backbone One PlayStation®


Backbone One PlayStation® Features and Specifications

Feature Specification
Compatibility PlayStation® Console
Control Layout Full-sized D-pad, Responsive Thumbsticks
Tactile Buttons
Instant Capture Dedicated “Capture” Button
Latency Ultra-Low Latency
Customization Remappable Buttons
Portability Slim, Foldable Design
Battery Life Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery
Connectivity Seamless Smartphone Integration
Backbone One App Compatibility
Design Inspired by PS DualSense™ Controller


Backbone One PlayStation®: Elevate your gaming experience to new heights with this cutting-edge controller designed exclusively for PlayStation® enthusiasts. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated pro, the Backbone One is here to revolutionize the way you play.

Key Features:

Seamless Integration

The Backbone One PlayStation® controller is purpose-built to seamlessly connect with your PlayStation® console. No need for additional adapters or complicated setup processes; simply slide your smartphone into the controller, connect via the Backbone One app, and you’re ready to go.

Console-Quality Controls

Enjoy console-level control precision with a full-sized D-pad, responsive thumbsticks, and tactile buttons. The ergonomic design ensures hours of comfortable gameplay without fatigue, allowing you to stay competitive and immersed in your favorite games.

Instant Capture and Share

The Backbone One controller makes it incredibly easy to capture your best gaming moments. With the dedicated “Capture” button, you can record your gameplay or take screenshots instantly, then share your achievements with friends and followers across your preferred social media platforms.

Ultra-Low Latency

Experience minimal lag and ultra-responsive gameplay thanks to the high-performance backbone technology. Say goodbye to input delays and enjoy a competitive advantage in fast-paced multiplayer games.

Customizable Buttons

Tailor your controller to suit your playstyle by remapping buttons and optimizing your configuration via the Backbone One app. This level of personalization ensures you have the upper hand in every gaming session.

Sleek and Portable

The Backbone One PlayStation® controller is designed with portability in mind. Its slim profile and foldable design make it easy to carry in your bag or pocket, allowing you to game wherever and whenever you want.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

With a built-in rechargeable battery, you can game for hours on end without worrying about constantly recharging. The Backbone One ensures you stay in the action without interruption.

What is the price of Backbone One PlayStation® in Kenya?

Buy a Backbone One PlayStation® in Kenya at KSH. 30,000 from Spenny technologies. This device offers gamers real feel controls that give an absolutely amazing gaming experience.

Upgrade your PlayStation® gaming experience and elevate your skills with the Backbone One PlayStation® controller. Whether you’re conquering the latest single-player adventure, dominating in online multiplayer battles, or showcasing your gameplay prowess, this controller is your perfect companion. Unleash your full gaming potential and experience PlayStation® like never before.

Get ready to level up – Get the Backbone One PlayStation® controller today from Spenny Technologies!


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