Beko B3T4911DG | Tumble Dryer (Condenser, 9 kg)


Beko B3T4911DG | Tumble Dryer (Condenser, 9 kg)

  • 9kg drying capacity
  • B energy rating
  • 15 drying programs
  • Sensor drying
  • Child lock
  • Water tank full indicator
  • Easy to use controls


The price of a Beko B3T4911DG Tumble Dryer in Kenya is KSH. 70,995 – a high-performance condenser dryer designed to make your laundry experience effortless and efficient. With a generous 9 kg capacity and innovative features, this tumble dryer from Beko is engineered to deliver perfectly dried clothes while preserving their quality. Buy this washer dryer from Spenny Technologies Whatsapp/Call 0700863941 to order or make an enquiry.

Beko B3T4911DG Features and Specifications

Feature Specification
Dryer Type Condenser
Capacity 9 kg
Sensor Drying Programs Yes
Energy Efficiency Energy-efficient design
LED Display Yes, with intuitive controls
Multiple Drying Programs Yes
Reverse Drum Action Yes
Quiet Operation Advanced motor and insulation for quiet performance
Dimensions Dimensions may vary, refer to product documentation for accurate measurements
Weight 68KG
Safety Compliance Meets safety standards
Warranty Check with the manufacturer for warranty details
Additional Features – Condenser technology for flexible placement
– Intelligent sensor drying for precise results
– User-friendly LED display and controls
– Reverse drum action to prevent clothes tangling
– Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

Condenser Technology

Experience the convenience of condenser technology, allowing you the flexibility to place the B3T4911DG anywhere in your home without the need for external venting. This innovative feature makes it an ideal choice for apartments or homes with limited ventilation options.

Spacious 9 kg Capacity

Tackle large laundry loads with ease. The B3T4911DG’s 9 kg capacity ensures you can dry more clothes in a single cycle, saving you time and energy.

Sensor Drying Programs

Enjoy precise and efficient drying with sensor drying programs. The dryer intelligently detects the moisture level in your clothes and adjusts the drying time accordingly, preventing over-drying and ensuring your garments come out perfectly dry and ready to wear.

Energy-Efficient Operation

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the B3T4911DG helps you save on utility bills while minimizing your environmental footprint. Enjoy the benefits of advanced drying technology without compromising on sustainability.

LED Display and Intuitive Controls

Easily navigate through the drying options with the user-friendly LED display and intuitive controls. Monitor cycle progress, adjust settings, and tailor the drying process to meet your specific needs effortlessly.

Multiple Drying Programs

Choose from a variety of drying programs to suit different fabric types and laundry requirements. Whether you’re drying delicate garments or everyday fabrics, the B3T4911DG has you covered.

Reverse Drum Action

Preserve the longevity of your clothes with the reverse drum action feature. This technology prevents clothes from tangling, ensuring even drying and minimizing the need for ironing.

Quiet Operation

Enjoy a peaceful laundry environment with the B3T4911DG’s advanced motor and insulation, providing efficient yet quiet performance. Run your drying cycles without disrupting your daily activities.

Upgrade your laundry routine with the Beko B3T4911DG Tumble Dryer. With its condenser technology, ample capacity, and intelligent features, this appliance ensures your clothes are dried to perfection every time. Embrace efficiency and innovation with Beko’s commitment to excellence in every cycle from Spenny Technologies.

Washing Machine Model Capacity Price in Kenya Shillings
Beko BAW 385 UK 7 KG KSH. 66,995
Beko BAW 386 UK 8 KG KSH. 72,995
Beko BAW 389 UK 9 KG KSH. 74,995
Beko BAW100 UK 10KG KSH. 82,995
Beko BWD106 10 KG Washer 6 KG Dryer KSH. 109,995
Beko B3T4911DG 9 KG KSH. 70,995


*Disclaimer prices are subject to change without prior notice. Whatsapp/Call 0700863941 before making an order


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