Beko BCF1111 UK KE 100L Chest Freezer


Beko 100L Chest Freezer

  • Product Type – Chest
  • Fitting Type – Freestanding
  • Frozen Food Storage Net Volume – 100 L
  • Height – 84.5 cm
  • Width – 54.5 cm
  • Depth – 54.5 cm
  • Energy Efficiency Class – 1
  • Cooling System Type – Static
  • Colour – White


Beko BCF1111 UK KE 100L Chest Freezer Price in Kenya

The Beko BCF1111 UK KE 100L Chest Freezer price in Kenya is KSH. 33,995. With a capacious 100-liter interior, this chest freezer ensures you have ample space to stock up on your favorite frozen treats, store bulk purchases, and keep your culinary creations perfectly preserved. Buy this 100L Freezer from Spenny Technologies WhatsApp/Call +254700863941 to place your order..

Beko 100L Chest Freezer Features

Specifications and Features Details
Capacity 100 liters
Energy Efficiency Energy Star certified
Cooling Technology Advanced cooling technology for consistent and even temperature
Design Compact design for space-saving storage; Lockable lid for added security
Operation Quiet operation
Storage Solutions Removable baskets and transparent sliding compartments for easy organization
Defrost Defrost drain for easy maintenance
Temperature Control Intuitive temperature control
Freezer Guard Technology Operates in temperatures as low as -15°C, suitable for garages and outbuildings
Fast Freeze Function Accelerates freezing process for quick freezing
Interior Built-in interior light for easy visibility
Mobility Lockable casters for easy movement and positioning

About Beko BCF1111 100L Chest Freezer

Beko BCF1111 UK KE 100L Chest Freezer – a versatile and efficient solution for all your frozen storage needs.

Advanced Cooling Technology

The Beko BCF1111 UK KE boasts advanced cooling technology that maintains a consistent and even temperature throughout the freezer, ensuring your food stays frozen at the optimal level. This feature not only enhances the longevity of your frozen goods but also minimizes freezer burn, preserving the flavor and texture of your food.

Space-Saving Design

Designed with practicality in mind, this chest freezer combines a spacious interior with a compact footprint, making it an ideal fit for kitchens, utility rooms, and even tight spaces in your home. The ergonomic design maximizes storage without sacrificing accessibility.

Quiet Operation

Say goodbye to the hum and buzz of traditional freezers. The Beko BCF1111 UK KE operates with minimal noise, creating a tranquil environment in your home. Enjoy the benefits of a well-chilled freezer without the disruptive background noise.

Smart Storage Solutions

The interior of the chest freezer is intelligently designed with removable baskets, making it easy to organize and access your frozen items. Customize the space to suit your needs, and with the transparent sliding baskets, locating specific items is a breeze.

Lockable Lid for Added Security

The Beko BCF1111 UK KE comes equipped with a lockable lid, providing an extra layer of security for your frozen treasures. Rest easy knowing that your food is secure and protected from curious hands.

Energy Star Certified

Committed to sustainability, Beko ensures that the BCF1111 UK KE meets Energy Star standards, meaning it not only saves you money on energy bills but also reduces your environmental footprint. Enjoy a high-performance freezer that aligns with your eco-conscious lifestyle.

Easy Mobility

Thanks to the durable casters, moving and positioning the freezer is a hassle-free task. Whether you want to rearrange your kitchen layout or clean the space beneath the freezer, the smooth-rolling casters make it a simple and stress-free process.

Elevate your frozen food storage experience with the Beko BCF1111 UK KE 100L Chest Freezer. From its spacious interior and advanced cooling technology to its energy efficiency and user-friendly features, this chest freezer is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern households. Invest in the future of frozen food storage with Beko – where innovation meets reliability, make this purchase from Spenny Technologies at KSH. 33,995/=.

Beko Chest Freezer Affordable Prices in Kenya

Product Capacity Price (KSH)
Beko BCF1111 UK KE 100L KSH. 33,995
Beko BCF2222 UK KE 200L KSH. 46, 995
Beko BCF2222S UK KE 200L KSH. 48,995
Beko BCF3316 UK KE 316L KSH. 65,995
Beko BCF3316S UK KE 316L KSH. 66,995
Beko BCF3380 UK KE 380L KSH. 78,995


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