Beko SIM 3122T | Steam Iron (2200 W)


Beko SIM 3122T | Steam Iron (2200 W) Features and Specifications

Feature Specification
Power 2200 watts
Steam Boost Technology Powerful burst for tough creases
Steam Settings Variable settings for different fabrics
Anti-Drip System Prevents water leakage at low temperatures
Vertical Steam Function Ideal for refreshing hanging garments
Soleplate Easy-Glide Ceramic for smooth and snag-free ironing
Water Tank Capacity Generous size for extended ironing sessions
Safety Features Auto shut-off for peace of mind
Design Modern and stylish
Versatility Suitable for all fabric types


Beko SIM 3122T Steam Iron – where efficiency meets innovation. Unleash the power of 2200 watts for effortlessly smooth and wrinkle-free clothes. This sleek and stylish steam iron is designed to make your ironing experience a breeze.

Powerful Performance: With a robust 2200-watt heating element, the Beko SIM 3122T ensures rapid and efficient ironing. Say goodbye to stubborn wrinkles as this iron glides effortlessly over your garments, leaving them looking professionally pressed.

Steam Boost Technology: Experience the ultimate ironing precision with the steam boost feature. The Beko SIM 3122T delivers a powerful burst of steam to tackle even the toughest creases, making it ideal for both everyday fabrics and more delicate materials.

Versatile Steam Settings: Customize your ironing experience with variable steam settings, allowing you to adapt the steam output based on the fabric type. From delicate silks to sturdy denim, the Beko SIM 3122T caters to all your ironing needs.

Anti-Drip System: Worried about water droplets staining your clothes? The anti-drip system in the Beko SIM 3122T prevents water leakage at low temperatures, ensuring a spotless finish on every garment.

Vertical Steam Function: Refresh and de-wrinkle hanging garments effortlessly with the vertical steam function. Perfect for curtains, suits, and dresses, this feature adds convenience to your ironing routine.

Easy-Glide Ceramic Soleplate: The ceramic soleplate guarantees smooth gliding over any fabric, reducing friction and preventing snags. Enjoy precise control and even heat distribution for optimal results every time.

Large Water Tank: The generous water tank capacity means fewer interruptions during your ironing session. Spend more time perfecting your clothes and less time refilling.

Auto Shut-Off for Safety: Your safety is a top priority. The Beko SIM 3122T comes equipped with an auto shut-off feature, turning off the iron after a period of inactivity. Enjoy peace of mind, whether you’re in the middle of your ironing marathon or have forgotten to switch it off.

Modern Design: Elegance meets functionality in the Beko SIM 3122T. The modern design, combined with intuitive controls, makes this steam iron a stylish addition to your laundry routine.

Efficient and reliable, the Beko SIM 3122T Steam Iron is your go-to companion for achieving perfectly pressed clothes with minimal effort. Elevate your ironing experience today.


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