EcoFlow Infinity Cable


EcoFlow Infinity Cable

  • Connect to the Smart Home Panel
  • Go Smarter
  • Charge DELTA Pro


The price of EcoFlow Infinity Cable in Kenya is KSH. 28,999 – 6 ft (2 m) power cable with a robust 30A rated current and a reliable 300VAC rated voltage, the EcoFlow Infinity Cable guarantees a secure and efficient connection between your DELTA Pro and Smart Home Panel. Its 6-foot length offers flexibility in installation, ensuring a tailored fit for your specific setup. To order WhatsApp/Call 0700863941.

Connect to the Smart Home Panel: Seamlessly link your DELTA Pro and Smart Home Panel using the EcoFlow Infinity Cable, redefining the way you harness and control power in your home. Unlike conventional home battery systems, our Infinity Cable allows for quick disconnection, providing you the freedom to take power off-grid effortlessly.

Go Smarter: Once connected to the Smart Home Panel, the EcoFlow Infinity Cable becomes your conduit to intelligent energy management. Through the intuitive EcoFlow app, take precise control of your DELTA Pro home battery backup system. Schedule energy usage, manage recharging cycles, and fine-tune your power preferences – all at your fingertips.

Charge DELTA Pro: Efficiency meets convenience as the Infinity Cable enables direct grid recharging of your DELTA Pro when connected to the Smart Home Panel. Enjoy a hassle-free experience as you power up your home battery system directly from the grid, ensuring it’s always ready for whatever comes your way.


  • Rated Current: 30A
  • Rated Voltage: 300VAC
  • Length: 6FT / 2M

Unlock a new level of control, flexibility, and efficiency in your home power management with the EcoFlow Infinity Cable from Spenny Technologies. It’s not just a cable; it’s your gateway to a smarter, more responsive, and eco-friendly energy solution. Choose the Infinity Cable for a seamless connection that empowers your home with the energy freedom it deserves.


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