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Hisense 70A61G 70 inch in Kenya

Hisense 70A61G 4K UHD Smart Frameless TV features a screen display of 70 inches and 3840x2160P resolution. Hisense 70A61G series has Dolby Vision HDR that is inspired by cinema technology for vivid lifelike images, DTS Virtual: X that immerses you into multi-dimensional audio. Sports mode in the 70A61G series lets you immerse yourself in a stadium experience just right in your living room. The TV comes with one-touch remote access and Alexa built-in that allows you to control your TV using your voice. Hisense 70A61G series operates on VIDAA U5 that lets you enjoy all your favorite entertainment right in your living room. Buy Hisense 70A61G 4K UHD Smart Frameless TV online at best price in Kenya at Zuricart 

Hisense 70A61G 4K UHD Smart Frameless TV price and Key specs in Kenya 

Price in Kenya Ksh 110000
Screen size 70 inches
Resolution 3840x2160P
HDMI inputs 3
Smooth Motion Yes
DTS Virtual: X Yes
Dolby Vision Yes


Hisense 70” A61G is simply brilliant and comes with a dual position stand that allows you to fit it as the best suit of your furniture. It features Auto low latency game mode making it to be a great gaming TV. It also features Dolby vision which enhances details at a high dynamic range while 4K Ultra HD brings about immersive and lifelike scenes.

Google Assistant will do more on your TV with just your voice while Chromecast Built in allows you to cast all of your favourite content directly to your TV. Sound has been supported by the powerful DTS. Additionally, It is able to deliver more than four times resolution as that of a regular 1080p HD screen.


The 4K UHD Resolution will give you immersive and lifelike scenes as it passes of as 1080p’s upgraded version. 4K resolution is able to capture four times the amount of information and unlike 1080p footage, content via it can be cropped, zoomed and reframed without losing quality.

This resolution comes with four times the resolution of Full HD and additionally has 8.3 million pixels. Its full array LED backlight creates a sharper and more colorful picture.


Dolby Vision gives out a Cinematic technology that will fit your home. Grab your popcorns and relax on the couch as you get to witness innovation running deep on this screen. It comprises f having more details in shadows and visibly clearer highlights. In addition to this, it also has more vibrant colors that you can use.


The greatest advantage of DTS sound to customers is that it is more adaptable to change and works in several different ways. It is more advanced, has better quality and will definitely be a star feature in this TV. You can also combine it with Hisense soundbars such as Hisense HS218 2.1 for a better sound performance.

The DTS Sound feature is better than Dolby Sound which was  in Hisense 43A62000f. DTS brings entertainment to life by having a scalable and versatile advanced post-processing package. It easily creates immersive audio by virtualizing height content over traditional stereos.On the other hand,Dolby Sound was able to compresses more of sound and does not support higher bit rates of up to 1.5Mb/s.


Gaming will be fun with Hisense 70A61G thanks to its Auto low latency game mode. It swiftly adjusts your TV settings for efficient gaming purposes. By doing so.you will automatically get smooth interrupted play as there is no lag with no effort.

Your TV will automatically switch to its lowest latency mode immediately it detects a signal from a gaming console, PC or related devices. By this it will be able to deliver the fastest performance with the least amount of lag.


Hisense 70”A61G has a similar design as to that of Hisense U7G. It bezels are very thin and shift your focus to the screen rather than the frame. Its stand is sleek and stylish making the TV to look good while giving out firm support to the TV. Both the legs and bezels are made from either black or dark grey materials.

The backside has some ports and connection while some are placed on the sides so as to give you easy access when you want to wall mount it.


Through Voice remote, you will be able to open apps, search for your favorite shows and adjust volume using your voice. Simply press the google Assistant Button on your remote and talk to google.


On the other hand, google assistant allows you to press its button on your remote so as to do more on your TV with your voice. Feel free to ask google to search for your latest movies, shows or rather open multiplayer games. You can also have it dim lights through connecting smart home devices or have it help you to manage tasks and see your calendar.


Hisense A61G is generally a good TV and even a better fit if you are a gamer. It comes with Auto Low Latency Game mode that adjusts your TV for gaming. In addition to this, It has a 4K UHD Resolution that is four times the resolution of regular TVs. It brings along a huge selection of streaming apps and has Bluetooth connectivity, Google Assistant and Chromecast Built in




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