Hisense FC142SH Chest Freezer 144L

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  • capacity: 144L
  • Dimension: 802x559x854
  • Color: White
  • Loading capacity: 144L
  • Door: Hovering door
  • Mechanical Temperature control: Yes
  • Type: Chest Freezer
  • Super Freeze: Yes


Hisense FC142SH Chest Freezer 144L  has a D-type cooling pipe, which has more surface contact with the cabinet. The design is adopted for the product and it enhances efficient heat exchange between the inner wall and the evaporate pipe.

Sliding baskets

The high-quality plastic basket has soft-round corners and recessed handles that make it easy to lift the basket even it’s full of food. The baskets are also capable of storing small items and have a better appearance

Big capacity

The chest freezer has a bigger capacity compared to normal ones. The freezer 144L allows you to store more foods at once without having to squeeze others

The Fresh choice

By simply turning the temperature knob, you can set the temperature of the cabinet as you need. This makes sure that all kinds of food are kept in the right condition

Hovering Door

The hovering door design makes it easy to open the door and leave it at any angle between 30 degrees and 60 degrees. This means there’s is no need to hold it by yourself, allowing for hands-free use as products are loaded or taken out

Super Freeze

Once the temperature control is switched to freezing mode, the temperature in the freezer can drop to -30°C  for its lowest degree. This helps you keep the food fresh, tasty, and nutritious as it was just bought

Price in Kenya 32,000
Loading capacity 144L
Hovering door Yes
Super Freeze Yes
Mechanical temperature control Yes
Type Chest freeze


Price in Kenya

The  Hisense FC142SH Chest Freezer 144L price in Nairobi, Kenya starts at Kshs. 32,000 on Spenny Technologies

3 reviews for Hisense FC142SH Chest Freezer 144L

  1. Cecelia Kanja

    Its actually worth double what they charged

  2. Hilda Mulei

    Overall appeared to be of good quality

  3. Alvin Kosgei

    Perfect for what i needed it for

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