Hisense Free Stand Cooker HFG60121B

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Model Number HFG60121B
Colour Stainless steel
Oven Power Max 2700W
Dimensions 600 x 600 x 850 (W×D×H)|(mm)
Convection Fan 1
Oven lamp 1 x (25W)
Net Capacity 71 – Litres
Auto Ignition Yes
Handle Type Aluminum
Burner Cap Enamel
Oven Door


Mechanical Timer YES
Oven Oven Type Multifunction Electric Oven



The cooker is conveniently coated with a shiny and fingerprint-free finish. This has the cooker smooth while cleaning spills, avoid scratches on the cooker, and does not leave fingerprints on the surface.

The shinny looks also complements the overall design and look of the fridge making it appealing to the user and also complementing the kitchen.


The fan installed for heating has been upgraded to perfection, with this fan heat is circulated evenly throughout the oven thus ensuring an even cooking temperature. Food will be cooked evenly once in the oven and will cook evenly all around.


Decide what to do to your food with the different 6 functions to choose from; try roasting, heating, baking, fry, cooking, and the rest with much ease.


Want to try preparing a stirfry, become your own chef with the dedicated high-power Wok burner. It lights up evenly and will not let you down.


The Flame Failure Device a safety mechanism comes installed in the cooker as a safety mechanism that automatically cuts off the gas if the flame gets extinguished for any reason that is not manually activated. Such may include wind or liquid spillage. The safety features prevent the cooker from letting gas from continuously getting emitted which can cause accidents.

With the automatic cut of gas supply, your home stays safe and prevention of accidents is achieved.


The cooker offers extra storage for your food, try out the compartment on top and below. For easy use of the drawer try out the cooker.


The one-hand ignition option will activate the gas burner by simply pressing the knob inwards then gently rotating it to your desired level all by the use of one hand while your other hand is free.

This method promotes Quick, simple, and efficient use of the cooker.


Enjoy baking on a whole new level, this cooker includes all the qualities of baking in wood-burning ovens.

More so it is inspired by a traditional wood-burning oven as its base technology for heating. This is accomplished which in turn has hot air circulating better.


The double heater option on the grill is meant to make food evenly crispy all around. Through convection, the heat is circulated throughout the oven ensuring an even cooking temperature


Avoid banging the door when closing as with this cooker you will no longer have to bang its door to close. Only a soft touch is needed to close the cooker door smoothly and it closes without any noise. Silent and gentle is the way.


Simply removable, easy to clean, stability


When you need to clean the cooker. Make sure it is off or even better unplug it from the socket completely. The best user-friendly way of cleaning the oven cavity is by; first, pour half a liter of water into a baking tray and turn Steam Clean on after each baking.

6 reviews for Hisense Free Stand Cooker HFG60121B

  1. Tasha Musau

    Overall Great perfomance

  2. Tasha Musau

    Overall Great perfomance

  3. Salim Kiya

    Everything here is just so nice

  4. Salim Kiya

    Everything here is just so nice

  5. Mary Oloo

    Very Happy With the purchase

  6. Mary Oloo

    Very Happy With the purchase

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