Infinix Note 12 8GB 128GB



Infinix Note 12 Detailed Description:

Infinix Note 12 8GB 128GB


Shiny, glossy, in-your-face phone design has been all-the-rage for the last couple of years and is the same story for Infinix Note 12. The phone has a square-sided frame reminiscent of the recent Oppo Reno 7 5G and iPhone 12 which steps inwards to the front and rear sections. Despite its footprint, the phone remains lighter than similarly sized phones at 185g and is only 7.8mm making it nicely balanced. On the positive side, there’s a headphone jack but no official waterproof rating.


One reason to buy the Infinix Note 12 is the large display, as you might expect for an ‘INFINIX Note’ branded device. The 6.7” display is decent. It gives you plenty of freehold to watch videos, play games, or just scroll through your google photos gallery. The Infinix Note 12 offers an AMOLED screen here with a Full HD+ resolution. This gives you better contrast and punchy colors as well as better brightness than many rivals who in turn offer a basic LCD panel.


It’s quite refreshing to see that Infinix hasn’t fallen into the trap of adding a 2MP macro camera just to up the lens count on the Note 12 rear. Instead, the company has focused on the performance of the main camera which is 50MP and accompanied by a 2MP depth sensor. The third is a mysterious sensor that is simply listed as ‘QVGA’ in the specs. Our Infinix press contact is yet to confirm the use of the sensor though. The Infinix Note 12 G96 also features similar optics. An ultrawide might be a nice addition, however, on the finances of the smartphone market, the most crucial issue is that you can get first-rate consequences from the main shooter.

Price in Kenya

Order Infinix Note 12 8GB 128GB at Nairobi, Kenya from Spenny Technologies at 28000


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