Jbl Live 650bt



Press play, mute distractions. In your world, music is essential, so slip on a pair of JBL Live 650NC and elevate your day. Blasting powerful 40mm drivers, the JBL Live 650NC headphones deliver JBL Signature Sound punctuated with enhanced bass, so every track pops. And when the music is the only thing that matters, the Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology allows you to block out ambient sounds so nothing disturbs your groove. Ambient Aware keeps you safe while walking in the streets with your music on and TalkThru allows you to have quick chats without removing your JBL Live 650NC. Need some help getting through the day? Get help from your preferred voice assistant through your voice or with a tap on the earcup. And if you set up “Hey Google”, activate your JBL Live 650NC features only using your voice. Magic! Lightweight and comfortable thanks to the pillow-soft padded headband, youll enjoy up to 50 hours of music streaming with ANC off, perfect stereo calls, and a convenient detachable audio cable, that lets you rock on even when the goes off. When not in use, your Live 650NC automatically pauses and resumes playing when picked up again. Rock out while staying tuned in with the JBL Live 650 NC headphones. Features: JBL Signature Sound Keep the noise out, or in.


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