LG F0L9DYP2S 15 KG Front Load Washing Machine


LG F0L9DYP2S 15 KG Front Load Washing Machine

  • 15kg washing capacity
  • AI DD™ Technology
  • Steam™ Technology
  • TurboWash™
  • 14 Wash Programs
  • ThinQ™ Technology
  • Add Item Mid-Cycle
  • Inverter Direct Drive Motor
  • A+++ energy rating
  • 1400rpm spin speed


The price of LG F0L9DYP2S 15 KG Front Load Washing Machine in Kenya is KSH. 162,000– a state-of-the-art appliance that redefines the way you approach laundry. With cutting-edge technologies and innovative features, this washing machine is designed to provide an exceptional cleaning experience while prioritizing the longevity and care of your clothes. To order this washing machine Call/WhatsApp 0700863941. 

LG F0L9DYP2S 15 KG Washing Machine Features and Specifications

Feature/Specification Description
Capacity 15kg
AI DD™ Technology Analyzes laundry load for adaptive wash motions
Steam™ Technology Deeply sanitizes, refreshes, and reduces allergens with targeted steam cycles
TurboWash™ Washes a full load in under 59 minutes without compromising performance
Wash Programs 14 programs including Cottons, Delicates, Woolens, Sportswear, Baby Care, Hygiene, and more
Price in Kenya KSH. 162,000
Add Item Mid-Cycle Pause the cycle to add forgotten items anytime
6 Motion Direct Drive Utilizes 6 motions based on hand-washing for outstanding wash
Inverter Direct Drive Motor Whisper-quiet operation with a 10-year warranty
Energy Rating A+++
Dimensions (WxHxD, mm) 645 x 770 x 940
ThinQ™ Technology Remote control and monitoring via smartphone
Additional Benefit Reduce Allergens with Steam Cycles


AI DD™ Technology: Experience the future of laundry with AI DD™ Technology. This groundbreaking feature analyzes your laundry load and employs artificial intelligence to automatically adjust wash motions, ensuring the perfect clean every time. Even your most delicate garments are preserved, thanks to this intelligent and adaptive technology.

Steam™ Technology: Elevate your cleaning routine with the power of steam! The F0L9DYP2S utilizes Steam™ Technology to deeply sanitize, refresh, and reduce allergens. Targeted steam cycles eliminate wrinkles and odors without the use of harsh chemicals, providing a thorough and hygienic cleaning experience.

TurboWash™: For those on the go, TurboWash™ is a game-changer. This innovative feature washes a full load in under 59 minutes without compromising performance. Ideal for busy schedules, TurboWash™ ensures a quick and efficient clean without sacrificing cleanliness.

14 Wash Programs: Versatility meets precision with 14 wash programs. From Cottons and Delicates to Woolens, Sportswear, Baby Care, and Hygiene, the F0L9DYP2S has a dedicated setting for every fabric and need. Enjoy the optimal clean tailored to your laundry load.

ThinQ™ Technology: Take control of your laundry from anywhere with ThinQ™ Technology. Connect your washer to your smartphone to remotely start and monitor cycles, track wash history, download new programs, and troubleshoot any issues. Convenience is at your fingertips.

Add Item Mid-Cycle: Never worry about forgotten items again! The Add Item function allows you to pause the cycle and add missed items anytime, saving you time and energy.

6 Motion Direct Drive: Experience outstanding performance with 6 Motion Direct Drive. Based on hand-washing motions, LG washers use a combination of six motions to give you an outstanding wash while caring for your clothes. Simply choose a cycle, and let the machine do the rest.

Durable and Efficient: The F0L9DYP2S is not only powerful but also durable. The Inverter Direct Drive Motor, backed by a 10-year warranty, ensures whisper-quiet operation and exceptional performance for years to come. With an A+++ energy rating, this washing machine is not only gentle on your clothes but also on the environment, helping you save on electricity bills.

Upgrade your laundry experience with the LG F0L9DYP2S 15 KG Front Load Washing Machine from Spenny Technologies– where intelligence, efficiency, and durability come together for a superior cleaning performance. Transform your laundry routine with a machine that cares for your clothes as much as you do.


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