Samsung Galaxy Note 10


The Galaxy Note10+ is designed to give you the mobile experience of a computer, a gaming console, a movie-tech camera, and an intelligent pen – all in one device. Powered by a 7nm processor, 12 GB of RAM, 256 GB of internal storage capacity and a 2.0 Gbps LTE connection, the Note 10+ lets you download files, live-game, and stream content seamlessly.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Full Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has some recommendable specs


The Note10 features a 6.3-inch display – that’s 0.2 inches more than the S10, which you could count as a modern loophole in the laws of the Galaxy universe allowing it to carry the Note badge even if it’s smaller than the S10+. The 1080p resolution is what’s a bit more troubling – the S10’s smaller screen is QHD, and so is the Note10+’s 6.8-incher – that’s one in favor of the ‘this isn’t a Note’ team, which also proclaims that Notes need to be equipped with the best available hardware. To go with the smaller screen, the Note10 also has a smaller battery than the 10+ – logical. But a feature got lost in the scaling-down process – while the big phone supports up to 45-watt charging with an optional adapter, the plain 10 is capped at the 25 watts of the bundled brick.


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