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The Wacom STU-540 Color Signature Pad is a full-featured signature pad that has a broad range of connectivity options, complete with encryption and user customization. Aside from standard USB, it can also operate in Virtual COM-Port (VCP) mode to support a variety of virtualized desktop systems including legacy Citrix setups. Its 5″ color TFT display is large enough for a signature area with additional buttons, and has a hard glass cover to protect it from scratches.


Signature Set STU-540 $ Sign Pro PDF Specification

Additionally, users can customize its user interface and even add in a slideshow for advertisements. Lastly, the STU-540 comes with a cordless, battery-free pen with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.


  • Low maintenance costs thanks to high durability and the patented cordless, batteryfree digital pen
  • Biometrically accurate signatures using the digital pen with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • High durability and a natural, paper-like feel enabled by the hardened glass with anti-glare screen treatment
  • Secure transactions enabled by stateof-the-art AES256 / RSA2048 encryption
  • Support for virtualized environments through the Virtual COM Port (VCP) for compatibility with Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp v6.5 and later
  • Customizable key pad and PIN pad enabling input using graphic images or numerals
  • Attractive signature rendering through the use of WILL™ (Wacom Ink Layer Language) technology that renders the best and most authentic-looking representation of handwritten electronic signatures
  • Enhanced signature traceability through a UID (Unique hardware ID) for identifying the exact signature pad unit used for a particular signature and other inputs
  • Straightforward integration of signature pad support into applications through the WILL™ SDK (Software Development Kit) for Signature
  • Ability to display promotional material through an upgraded USB protocol and internal image storage that enables ads to be shown at natural speeds with no delays

Extra specs

  • Power consumption: 2.5 W maximum
  • Communication interface: USB/VCP/RS-232
  • Display Type: Amorphous TFT LCD
  • Cover plate surface: AG etched glass
  • Native resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
  • Reading Technology: Electromagenetic Resonance (EMR)
  • Coordinate resolution: 2540 lpi / 0.01 mm/pt (non-interpolated)
  • Coordinate accuracy: ±0.02 inches / ±0.5 mm (center)
  • Report rate: 200 points per second (non-interpolated)
  • Pressure levels: 1024 (non-interpolated)
  • Encryption: AES256 / RSA2048
  • Pen storage Pen compartment
  • Connectivity security: USB cable locking system
  • Data security: Real time image capture without data storage. Internal memory for images only.
  • Security lock slot: Yes, Kensington
  • Signature software compatability: Compatible with Windows signature / eSign software and Wacom´s sign pro PDF and sign pro PDF Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat. For Windows, C++, .Net and Java development libraries available for developers (contact us for library and software availability in other development languages and platforms)

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  1. Grace Mweru

    Perfomance Has been flawless

  2. Flora Wangeci

    Exactly what i needed, great and durable

  3. Charles Kendi

    Worked just as Described

  4. Victoria Muthoni

    Perfectly Functional..Compland is the place

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