Vision Plus Speaker 3133MS


Key Features

  • Power output: 90W RMS
  • 3.1 Ch
  • Powerful Bass
  • Full Wooden Body
  • Stylish Design
  • AC/DC
  • USB/SD/BT/FM/Line In/TV

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Vision Plus 3133MS Full Specifications and Price In Nairobi, Kenya

Vision Plus 3.1 channel multimedia speakers offer the best auditory experience there is. The system fulfills all your surround sound needs with Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio, Powerful bass, 90 watts, USB/SD/BT/FM/Line In/TV, 1-year v+ care, subwoofer, and full wooden body. The stylish design and perfectly balanced sound beautifully complements your home entertainment experience.

The Vision Plus 3133MS Subwoofer offers a wide range of bass levels which you can easily adjust with a button on the control panel or remote.

In addition to listening to your saved tracks, you can also tune in to a radio channel and catch up with the news or a radio show. The radio supports all the FM radio stations in your region.
The USB port allows you to use a flash disk and also a USB cable and connect to other devices. On the other hand, the card slot allows you to use a memory card and play your stored music.

Specifications and Features

  • USB/SD/FM/Bluetooth/display/remote control/DC (WITH DC CABLE)
  • Drive unit:5.25″+3″*2, sub: W170*H327*D315MM,
  • Sat: W100*H420*D118MM
  • IC:2050+2030*2
  • EI5735
  • Powerful bass
  • Full wooden body

Price In Nairobi, Kenya

The Vision Plus 3133MS price in Nairobi, Kenya starts at Kshs. 11,000 on Spenny Technologies


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