Beko BCF3316 UK KE 316L Chest Freezer


Beko BCF3316 UK KE 316L Chest Freezer

  • 316L capacity
  • Fast freeze function
  • Energy-efficient A+ rating
  • Manual defrost
  • Aluminium interior
  • Sliding glass doors
  • LED light
  • Door handle & side pocket handle option
  • Lock mechanism
  • Multimode (Fridge / Freezer)
  • Drain Plug
  • 2 x Wire Baskets
  • Colour: White


Beko BCF3316 UK KE 316L Chest Freezer

Beko BCF3316 UK KE 316L Chest Freezer Price in Kenya is KSH. 65,995. With an impressive 316-liter capacity, this chest freezer provides ample space for large quantities of frozen goods, making it an indispensable addition to households with growing families, avid home cooks, or those looking to stock up on bulk purchases. Buy this Beko 316 Liters Chest Freezer from Spenny Technologies WhatsApp/Call +254700863941 to place your order.

Beko BCF3316 UK KE 316L Chest Freezer Features and Specs

Features and Specifications Details
Capacity 316 liters – Spacious interior for extensive frozen storage.
Energy Efficiency Energy Star certified for energy-efficient performance.
Cooling Technology Advanced cooling technology for consistent and even temperature.
Design Sleek design with a functional layout; Lockable lid for added security.
Operation Quiet operation for a peaceful home environment.
Storage Solutions Removable baskets and transparent sliding compartments for easy organization.
Defrost Defrost drain for easy maintenance.
Temperature Control Intuitive temperature control for customized freezing needs.
Freezer Guard Technology Operates in temperatures as low as -15°C, suitable for challenging environments.
Fast Freeze Function Accelerates freezing process for quick and efficient preservation.
Interior Built-in interior light for enhanced visibility.
Lockable Lid Lid features a lock for added security.

About Beko BCF3316 UK KE 316L Chest Freezer

  1. Spacious 316-Liter Capacity: The Beko BCF3316 UK KE boasts an expansive 316 liters of storage space, offering versatility for storing everything from frozen produce to prepared meals and more.
  2. Energy-Efficient Performance: With its Energy Star certification, this chest freezer delivers exceptional freezing capabilities while minimizing energy consumption. Enjoy cost savings on your utility bills without compromising on efficiency.
  3. Advanced Cooling Technology: Experience reliable and consistent cooling performance with advanced technology that ensures an even distribution of cold air throughout the freezer. Your frozen items are preserved at their optimal temperature, maintaining their quality and flavor.
  4. Sleek and Functional Design: The chest freezer’s sleek design complements modern kitchen aesthetics, while its functional layout maximizes storage space without sacrificing accessibility. It’s a practical addition to any home or storage area.
  5. Quiet Operation: The advanced cooling system operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment in your home. Enjoy the benefits of a powerful freezer without the unwanted noise.
  6. Intuitive Temperature Control: Easily customize the temperature settings to suit your specific freezing needs. The user-friendly controls provide precise control over the freezer’s internal environment.
  7. Smart Storage Solutions: The BCF3316 UK KE is equipped with removable baskets and transparent sliding compartments, making organization a breeze. Quickly locate and retrieve items with the ease of thoughtful design.
  8. Lockable Lid for Security: The lid features a lock, adding an extra layer of security to your frozen treasures. This feature is particularly valuable for households with children or shared living spaces.
  9. Defrost Drain for Easy Maintenance: Simplify the maintenance process with the defrost drain, allowing for easy removal of excess ice buildup. This feature contributes to the longevity and efficiency of the freezer.
  10. Freezer Guard Technology: Built with Freezer Guard technology, this chest freezer operates reliably in temperatures as low as -15°C. Whether in a garage or storage shed, it adapts to challenging environments.
  11. Fast Freeze Function: The fast freeze function accelerates the freezing process, ensuring the quick preservation of freshly bought or prepared items without compromising quality.
  12. Interior Light: Illuminate the freezer’s contents with the built-in interior light, providing enhanced visibility and easy access, even in low-light conditions.

Upgrade your frozen storage experience with the Beko BCF3316 UK KE 316L Chest Freezer – a spacious, energy-efficient appliance designed for the demands of modern households. Invest in the convenience of expansive frozen storage space with Beko’s commitment to quality and innovation. Order this amazing chest freezer from Spenny Technologies.

Beko Chest Freezer Prices in Kenya

Product Capacity Price (KSH)
Beko BCF1111 UK KE 100L KSH. 33,995
Beko BCF2222 UK KE 200L KSH. 46, 995
Beko BCF2222S UK KE 200L KSH. 48,995
Beko BCF3316 UK KE 316L KSH. 65,995
Beko BCF3316S UK KE 316L KSH. 66,995
Beko BCF3380 UK KE 380L KSH. 78,995


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