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Hisense 55U6G TV

Sharper,smoother pictures

The 4K is greatness, but better. The U6G has our exclusive ULED technologies. They boost color, contrast, brightness, motion… we could go on. It’s the TV your old TV wants to be.

Over one billion colors

See over one billion shades. Quantum Dot produces purer, richer, more brilliant and more accurate colors than a regular LCD TV. We could get into how it works. But it’s a lot easier to say it makes everything you watch look like the 4th of July.

Comes in four sizes

The U6G comes in four sizes to suit different rooms and budgets. Take your pick from 50, 55, 65 and 75-inch screens. Each one has all the features you need to produce incredible detail, whatever’s on screen.

Hi-View Engine (4K)

The Hi-View Engine processes the picture you see on screen. While you’re busy watching, it continually adjusts things like shadows and brightness. So, you always see the best possible picture. The result is a beautiful, precise image and clear motion that you can only enjoy on Hisense ULED TVs.

Dolby Vision™ –Dolby Atmos®

Dolby Vision HDR picture and Dolby Atmos sound are cinema technology for your home. They provide amazing realism you can see and hear in every scene.

Peak Brightness/Full Array Local Dimming Zones

Screen brightness is measured in nits. One nit is as bright as one candle. The higher the nit rating, the brighter the screen. The average TV is 250-350 nits. Anything over 500 nits is extremely good. This is up-to-600 nits peak brightness across 60 local dimming zones.

Filmmaker Mode

A collaboration between filmmakers, Hollywood studios, consumer electronics companies and the UHD Alliance. By disabling all post-processing and preserving correct aspect ratios, colors and frame rates, FilmMaker Mode displays content exactly as it was intended by the film-maker.

Google Assistant*

The Google Assistant* is built into Android TV. Tell it to turn on the lights, change the thermostat, add stuff to your grocery list, or just play your favorite video. And with universal search, it’s easy to get recommendations with Android TV.

Price in Kenya

Get Hisense 55U6G TV at affordable prices from Spenny Technologies in Nairobi, Kenya at 75000k. The largest distributor of Hisense Android Tv in Kenya.


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