Lg Xboom Cj44

(3 customer reviews)



Total Power/Speakers

480W RMS
4 Speakers
Stereo system
Feel the beat with intense, powerful sounds


With up to two USB ports you can have more music ready to go.

Karaoke feature with Voice Canceller & Key Changer

Sing along to any track! Voice Canceller reduces the existing song’s vocals, so that your voice can be heard more clearly. Key Changer adjusts the pitch of the song to suit your voice!

Bluetooth Music Streaming/Bluetooth® Multipoint

Stream your music
Use Bluetooth® audio streaming to listen to music and online music streaming services via your mobile device.

3 reviews for Lg Xboom Cj44

  1. Mark Gacheri

    The description says it all

  2. Melvin Koech

    Purchased it last month and its okay

  3. Kevin Kibet

    Long lasting when maintained properly

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