One Plus Watch



OnePlus Watch

The OnePlus Watch has the look of a classic watch with innovative possibilities. The Watch3 is even thinner, smaller, and lighter than its predecessor, but despite all this has a larger display, namely 1.2 inches. Thanks to the Super AMOLED technology, clear contrasts are displayed, so that the watch is always easy to read. The Watch case is constructed from premium materials, such as stainless steel and Gorilla Glass. The strap that is supplied as standard is made of leather. Would you like to try out a different look on your  Watch? Then simply put on a different watch strap, or adjust the dial or design your own watch face.

OnePlus Watch Specifications

Price in Kenya Ksh 21,000
Supported OS  iOS / Android
Storage 8 GB
Bluetooth 5.0
Weight 48 grams
Colors Black

The  Watch  is very pleasant to use thanks to its versatile way of operating. Scroll through your messages by turning the bezel, use the touchscreen to activate an app, reply to messages with your voice and go directly back to your home screen with the button on the side. In addition, with the Watch  you can also control the camera on your phone or quickly scroll through the presentation you are giving. Of course, the watch also pays attention to your health and measures your movement.

Based on these results, he also gives you tips in 6 different areas in which you could improve. In addition to your athletic health, the watch also has a new function called ‘Fall detection function’. This allows the watch to recognize if you fall hard’ The Watch has a GPS so you always know where you are and where you are going. Your watch also has an integrated altimeter and barometer for when you want to go on an adventurous tour. Of course, the Watch also records other activities for you.


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