PS5 Portal | PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player Console


PS5 Portal | PlayStation Portal™

  • Play your PS5 games on the go
  • Compatible with PS5 and PS4 games
  • Built-in controls
  • Headphone jack


The price of a PS5 Portal – PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player  Console in Kenya is KSH. 75,000– your gateway to an immersive gaming experience like never before. Experience the power of remote play without the need for a TV with this purpose-built device designed to redefine gaming flexibility.

PS5 Portal – PlayStation Portal™ Features and Specifications

Features Specifications
Screen Size 8 inches
Screen Type LCD
Resolution 1080p
Frame Rate Up to 60fps
Controller Compatibility DualSense® Wireless Controller
Price in Kenya KSH. 75,000
Connection Home Wi-Fi (Broadband internet Wi-Fi with at least 5Mbps for use, 15Mbps recommended for optimal performance)
Setup Quick and easy with a button press
Play Your Game Collection Anywhere Access compatible games on your PS5 over home Wi-Fi
DualSense® Wireless Controller Immersion Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in supported games
Beautiful 8” LCD Screen Full HD display for exquisite gaming visuals
Silky-Smooth Gameplay at 60fps 1080p resolution screen for high image clarity
Get Gaming Fast Dedicated device for quick and easy remote play
No TV Required, Play Anywhere Stream games over home Wi-Fi for gaming flexibility
Play Your Game Collection Anywhere Access compatible games on your PS5 over home Wi-Fi

Play Your Game Collection Anywhere: With PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player, your PS5 games are no longer confined to the TV. Seamlessly connect over your home Wi-Fi and dive straight into your favorite games without any TV needed.

DualSense® Wireless Controller Immersion: Experience gaming in a whole new dimension with the DualSense® wireless controller features. Feel the intensity of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that respond to your in-game choices, delivering a level of realism that puts you at the center of the action.

Beautiful 8” LCD Screen: Marvel at every detail with the PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player’s stunning 8” LCD screen. Enjoy your games in full HD resolution, where every pixel comes to life in vibrant clarity.

Silky-Smooth Gameplay at 60fps: Delight in buttery-smooth gameplay at 1080p resolution. The PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player can deliver games at up to 60fps, ensuring a visually captivating experience.

Get Gaming Fast: Designed for speed, the PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player lets you connect to your PS5 console with a press of a button, enabling you to start gaming swiftly and effortlessly.

No TV Required, Play Anywhere: Break free from the constraints of a dedicated gaming space. PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player allows you to stream games over your home Wi-Fi, enabling you to play in any room without the need for a TV. Keep the gaming spirit alive even while you’re having breakfast in the kitchen!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a PlayStation Plus membership required?

No, PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player does not require a PlayStation Plus membership. Enjoy the freedom to play your favorite games without additional subscription costs.

Can someone else use the TV while I use PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player?

Absolutely! PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player liberates you from the TV dependency. While you indulge in your gaming experience on the stunning 8” screen, others in your household can enjoy their shows or movies on the connected TV.

Can I play on networks other than my home Wi-Fi?

Yes, PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player can be used wherever you have access to broadband internet Wi-Fi, with at least 5Mbps for optimal performance. A high-speed connection of at least 15Mbps is recommended for an enhanced gaming experience.

Experience gaming without boundaries – bring home the PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player and redefine your gaming freedom today from Spenny Technologies!


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