Hisense 50A6G



The Hisense A6G is a budget model, so the LCD panel is limited to a 60Hz refresh rate. It has native 8-bit colour depth and uses Frame Rate Control (FRC) to simulate 10-bit colour depth. These panel limitations mean the set is unable to take full advantage of 4K HDR’s 10-bit colour depth and gamers in search of 4K resolution at 120Hz will need to look elsewhere.

On the plus side, the VA panel delivers a contrast ratio of 2,400:1, which is reasonable for an LCD display. There’s also a direct LED backlight, and while there’s no form of local dimming, the direct nature of the backlight produces decent screen uniformity. On the downside, the VA panel does have very limited optimal viewing angles, so you really need to be sat directly in front of the TV.

The TV ships in Standard mode for SDR, which like most out-of-the-box settings is woefully inaccurate compared to the industry standards. Thankfully the Cinema Night mode immediately addresses these inaccuracies, with an excellent greyscale performance and an average DeltaE colour variance score of 1.29 for all of the tracked colours, which means colours are reproduced pretty accurately. The gamma – the intensity of the transition from black to white – is also good, tracking around our target of 2.4.

As a result, the overall SDR picture performance is generally impressive, with images that appear well defined and colours that look natural. There’s some good upscaling and processing as well, allowing the A6G to get the best out of lower resolution content, retaining as much detail as possible and producing an artefact-free image.

The motion handling is also fairly good, aside from the inherent limitations of LCD as a display technology and the 60Hz refresh rate. There’s some blurring on fast motion like sport, and the TV lacks the necessary frame interpolation features to address this, but it handles 24p content without introducing judder, and movies retain a pleasing film-like quality.


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